design spec build

Home Consultation:  We look at your space, talk about your 'wish list' of improvements, discuss the job scope and sometimes eventake measurements.  This service is free and usually takes about an hour.  You should have some visuals that we can use for inspiration, and we will also talk about your budget.

Design:  We work out a rendering and layout according to our first meeting.  Some initial product selections can happen at this time.

Review and Hone: We choose materials, go shopping and plan a little more deeply.  This part of the process process can be long or short depending on your decision making abilities.

Enter the GC:  We bring one of our carefully selected general contractors to your home to look at the plans, go over the job scope, go over materials and confirm measurements.

Proposal:  With all of the above in place we are ready for a proposal that will give you a dollar amount for how much your project will cost with both labor and materials.  We can circle back and redesign or rework things if things are falling outside of budget.






There are several different ways that a design package can work.  Jenovate can do just renderings, just sell you beautuful cabinets,  just consult and shop with you  or a creatove combination of all services.  If you want the fill package, heres how it generally goes: